Awesome Travel Pillow

Is the secret to surviving long flights powerful sleeping potions? More experienced travelers than I argue so. But I’m not so sure. I’ve found that snoozing through an overnight from North America to Europe or Africa and waking up refreshed depends less on pharmaceuticals and more on positioning your body where and how it needs to be. Ideally, that’s lying flat in a bed in first class, but since I’m usually back with the chickens I rely on a new secret weapon: Sea to Summit’s Aeros Pillow Premium Traveler.

Yes, you can buy a travel pillow in any airport, but it won’t be as a smartly designed as the Sea to Summit. Three things are going on with this new collar pillow that make it better and different: First, the back of pillow is tapered to fit nicely between your nape, the back of your head, and the seat. Unlike most tubular pillows, the Aeros supports your head rather than forcing it forward.

Second, you can micro-adjust the air level in the pillow via a clever valve. Foam and bead pillows don’t adjust at all, and most inflatables are either all full or all empty. With the Sea to Summit valve, even the most finicky sleepy can find the correct level of support.

Finally, you don’t have to be one of those folks walking around the airport wearing their pillows like neck collars: The Aeros weighs just three ounces and compresses into a tiny sack just a couple inches long.

This summer, we took a family vacation in London. I slept fantastically on the way over, but was relieved to see everyone stay awake for the long flight back to California — I would have felt guilty keeping the Sea to Summit for myself. I have found, however, guilt’s a lot easier to manage when you get enough sleep.

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