A Running Belt for Keys, Phone, and More

When you get into a trail running groove, it feels like you’re flying, like you’re a perfect kinetic creature, with nothing of excess or without purpose. That is, unless you’re wearing a sloshing hydration pack or have a phone and keys jingling in a pocket. And while lots of companies have made body-hugging packs and belts in effort to become one with you and your speedy badass self, none have come as close as the Naked Running Band.

As the name implies — promises? — this is as close as you can get to au naturale without being illegal or leaving your Strava device locked in the car. It’s simply a wide, stretchy belt with wide, stretchy stash pockets to carry gels, ID, sunscreen, etc.

Created by a pair of brothers, one a triathlete, the other an ultra trail runner (and both, for you ski fans, the siblings of ski legend Trevor Petersen), the band is as simple as simple gets, and genius, too — you just step into its loop, pull it up to your waist, stash your stuff, and go. The band is not adjustable (it’s sold in sizes) and it fits snug, so the first run or two might take some accommodation. The pockets are opened with pull tabs, which I found to be helpful but a little small. But once you’ve settled in, you’ll love the total lack of bounce, the stealthy silent travel, the relatively easy access to devices as large as an iPhone 6 Plus. If minimal is how you want to run, there’s no better way.