Vegan Snacks Delivered to Your Door

When Scott Jurek set a new record for completing the Appalachian Trail in July, his average of nearly 50 miles per day for 2,189 miles was seriously impressive. Even more impressive is that Jurek cranked out 46 days of ultra marathoning on a vegan diet. Vegan, baby.

Any time you restrict your food choices, eating can be a challenge, but that’s especially true for vegan athletes, who need far more calories than the average bear and can struggle to get enough protein. Actually, correction—bears can consume many tens of thousands of a calories a day as they’re putting on fat prior to hibernation. So, vegan or not, don’t let bears be your guide.

Where was I? Oh, yes—the challenge of being vegan. Into this conundrum steps a partial solution in the form of a monthly subscription service called Vegan Cuts. Subscription boxes are a hugely popular way to receive samples of almost everything, but in this case it’s vegan snacks and other critter-friendly goodies. The package I ordered from Vegan Cuts cost $20, contained 12 items, and felt just a little bit like a Secret Santa Christmas present to open.

The contents was mostly food, snacks primarily, which ranged from yummy to yummy-by-vegan-standards. There were four energy bars, brew-in-a-bag tea and coffee, some crackers, vegan soap, electrolyte replacement, a Deet-free insect repellent bar, and more. An omnivore probably wouldn’t be impressed, but a vegan who’s tired of eating the same old Clif bars might go delirious. At minimum, the Vegan Cuts box should fill you up for a day or two, but more likely, it will give you leads on foods that might become staples of your adventure diet. For that, twenty bucks a month seems like money well spent.