A Surfing Cat and Seven More Videos Featuring Adventurous Pets

Pretty much everyone knows that videos of dogs and cats are viral gold—such as this recent video featuring Norwegian cat named Jesper who is an expert swimmer, skier, and hiker. But Jesper is not the only adventurous pet out there. What many of us in the adventure world know is that both cats and dogs make great outdoor adventure companions. Below are videos of some more feline and canine pals boldly seeking their own adventures.

Who is your favorite adventure cat or adventure dog?

Sun Dog

Sun Dog is a short film about the unbreakable bond between a man, skier Santiago Guzman, and his dog, Conga. The film follows Guzman and Conga up the snow covered Refugio Frey near Bariloche, Argentina, on ski adventure that is visually stunning and is sure to inspire. The Shadow Campaign // Sun Dog from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.

Amelia, the Tropicat

Surfer/sailor Liz Clark’s feline first mate, Amelia the Tropicat, tells the story of her life aboard Liz’s boat, Swell. Captain Liz Clark, who was one of our Adventurers of the Year, has sailed on Swell for more than 18,000 nautical miles. Story and Edit by Teva Perrone // Nature Over Money Productions.

Gus, the All-Terrain Pug

Professional climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright has no fear of big heights and neither does his companion Gus, the all-terrain pug. In this video we watch Cedar and Gus make the most of their day out climbing.

Didga, the Skateboarding Cat

Digba, the cat, is perhaps the world’s best skateboarding cat. The Australian feline shows us how it’s done jumping on and off his board while skating around town.

Windsurfing Rescue Dogs

Meet Elvis, the basset hound, Doodle, and Dinky Doxie. These three rescue dogs like to spend their spare time windsurfing on the Columbia River Gorge and in southern California and Mexico.

War Veteran Finds Healing and Adventure With His Cat and Dog

As experienced by many returning war veterans, Stephen Simmons had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life back home. As a way to find peace and solace, Simmons decided that the best therapy was to adventure out in Oregan’s mountains with his trusted pets Puppi, the service dog, and Burma, the cat.

Whisper, the World’s First Wingsuit Flying Dog

When Dogs Fly was the first film Dean Potter, who died this year, directed himself. Unconventional, compassionate, artistic, and a little odd, this film set off a tidal wave of controversy when it was released, like many things the “Dark Wizard” did in his life. RIP, Dean.