Spectacular Adventures on Volcanic Indonesian Islands

Discover the Southeast Asian adventures of our National Geographic Your Shot photographers.

Indonesia is a country of plenty. It's made up of thousands of islands, boasts around 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes, and is the only natural home of orangutans. This wild abundance means there's a breadth of adventures waiting for visitors. Follow scuba divers, surfers, horseback riders, and hikers through these spectacular islands with photographs from our National Geographic Your Shot community.


A team of divers freed four whale sharks trapped in fishing nets off the coast of Indonesia. Whale sharks are an endangered species and one of the largest fish on Earth. The four fish were juveniles, but adults can grow to be the size of a school bus. It's possible they were trapped while looking for prey in the net. Incidental bycatch and direct hunting are some of the biggest threats to whale sharks. Once freed, they swam away seemingly unharmed.

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