Must-Do Dream Trip: Tandem Paraglide Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech Republic

Spindleruv Mlyn is the Czech Republic’s answer to Chamonix. An isolated mountain town dotted with alpine chalets, it’s a ski resort in winter and a hiking, biking, and paragliding hub in summer. “Really nice place to walk in the mountains, learn paragliding, or just to fly a tandem with me or my instructors and enjoy a nice view of our mountains,” says Slivova, who guides tandem paragliding flights—no experience necessary.

With favorable drafts and air currents, empty slopes to launch off, and plenty to see, it’s an ideal spot to experience the lightness of flying for the first time. “For me, the really important feeling of paragliding is your freedom,” says Slivova. “It is not about adrenaline. It is about a feeling in the air that you are free and you are just flying without engine, seeing the landscapes and animals from above.”

Yellow Point Paragliding offers tandem flights for 1,860 Czech koruna, about $103.