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Must-Do Trip: Ski Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List: Skier Lynsey Dyer's must-do dream trip is to ski Jackson Hole, Wyoming. See all our Adventure Bucket List trips.

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Big-mountain skier Lynsey Dyer launches off a cliff at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Despite the handful of swanky resorts at its base, Jackson Hole is still the Wild West of American skiing. “It’s hard enough to get to so that it feels remote,” says Lynsey Dyer, who calls Jackson Hole her home base. “And in my opinion, it’s the best resort in the lower 48 with the best skiing.”

Jackson famously lays claim to the country’s longest continuous vertical relief (some 4,139 quadricep-busting feet), a preponderance of nail-biting terrain, and a liberal out-of-bounds policy, attracting a pack of resident pro athletes like Tommy Moe, Travis Rice, and Jess McMillan. Runs like Corbet’s Couloir and Meet Your Maker—steep, narrow chutes with little room for error—give Jackson its reputation, but there’s plenty of less rowdy terrain. Try The Crags, a hike-to area with troves of fresh tracks and pillow drops or opt for an introduction to backcountry skiing with a guided tour—offered by the resort—straight off the tram and out of the backcountry gate. Come four o’clock, migrate to Teton Thai, a local favorite where visitors rub shoulders with grizzled old-timers and TGR film stars alike.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s lift ticket prices range from $64 to $99 per day, depending on the season, and their guiding services start at $380 for a half-day group tour.

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Lynsey Dyer
Big-Mountain Skier
Lynsey Dyer has come back from every big-mountain freeskiing competition she’s entered with a medal. She won gold at the Junior Olympics; has appeared in several ski films, including Warren Miller and TGR flicks; and famously hucked herself off a 65-foot cliff—and nailed the landing. In her spare time, she founded a nonprofit organization,, dedicated to empowering girls and women to get active outside.

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