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Dream Trip: Ski Road Trip to the Powder Highway, U.S., Canada

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List: Skier Lynsey Dyer's wildest dream trip is to road trip along from Jackson Hole to the Power Highway, in British Columbia. See all our Adventure Bucket List trips.

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Lynsey Dyer drops through the backcountry near Mustang Powder Lodge, British Columbia.

The holy grail of big-mountain skiing has two basic ingredients: huge mountains and a whopper of a storm. But credit Lynsey Dyer’s innate ability to dream big for coming up with something even better.

“I would take off in a plush-out RV with ten best friends and just follow where the snow goes, from Jackson Hole, up through Washington, into Canada, and along the Powder Highway,” says Dyer.

In southeast British Columbia, the Powder Highway is the veritable epicenter of North American snow sports with some 64 ski operators—including eight alpine resorts, nine heli-ski operators, 16 snowcat guides, and 21 backcountry ski touring outfitters—along 680 miles of remote, snowy highway. “Of course the bus would have a driver and a cleaning crew, so no one ever has to clean up, and we’d have our spiritual gurus and massage therapists with us,” she says. “We could launch our private helicopter wherever the snow is and maybe the bus would even turn into a snowcat.” The grand finale: corn skiing and salmon fishing in Alaska, after which Dyer would fly down to her top-secret Mexico surf spot for the summer—the bus, naturally, has wings.

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Lynsey Dyer
Big-Mountain Skier
Lynsey Dyer has come back from every big-mountain freeskiing competition she’s entered with a medal. She won gold at the Junior Olympics; has appeared in several ski films, including Warren Miller and TGR flicks; and famously hucked herself off a 65-foot cliff—and nailed the landing. In her spare time, she founded a nonprofit organization,, dedicated to empowering girls and women to get active outside.

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