Video still by Bryan Smith

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Colin Haley on the summit.

Video still by Bryan Smith

Adventure Sports: The Next Wave

Did you summit Rainer? Ski the Alps? Hike the Appalachian Trail? Tell us your story and tips—they could be published on our blog.

In our new Fringe Elements video series, we look at six incredible athletes who are taking their sports to the next level, to the fringe of what's possible. Their pursuits are rather extreme—and inspiring. We know you are also taking your adventure sports to the next level and have learned some lessons along the way.

Tell Us Your Adventure Tip

We're building a list of adventure tips and advice from people like you. Tell us about an adventure goal or trip you completed. Please include one tip or piece advice to share with your fellow adventurers. It can be how to train, an insider tip on where to go, what gear to bring, or whatever other hard-won lesson you learned while working toward your goal. We'll post the best tips in a running list on our blog.