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28 Surprising Adventures in the Tropics

Lush beaches, vibrant rainforests, and star-studded skies are only some of the adventures that await you in the tropics.

The word “tropical” often conjures images of sensuous beaches and watery destinations, but the tropical zone also encompasses areas far from sandy shores, where rainforests and dense tree-covered mountains tantalize adventurers. The tropics run between the latitude lines from the Tropic of Capricorn in the Northern Hemisphere to the Tropic of Cancer in the Southern Hemisphere. Unlike other areas of the world, tropical seasons are limited to a wet season and dry season. With such geographic diversity, the tropics offer adventurers amazing opportunities to venture off the grid and immerse themselves in tropical dreams.

See our editors' favorite photos from our Your Shot photography community—and get ready to expand your travel to-do list.

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