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Gorgeous Paragliding Adventures Around the Globe

Daring fliers take in the world's most dazzling vistas in these images from National Geographic Your Shot photographers.

Paragliders soar through the sky in a harness attached to a fabric wing, moving with only the power of wind and gravity. By pulling on the equipment's suspension lines, gliders can fly over gorgeous mountain ranges, stunning rocky shorelines, and lush green fields for hours at a time. See photographs from the National Geographic Your Shot Community of gliders enjoying the world's most beautiful landscapes, and get inspired for your next aerial adventure.

Watch Paragliders Fly Between Campsites

Four paragliders show off the fringe sport of fly camping, also called vol bivouac, in this short film from Cloudbase Collective. Ride along with the pilots at 18,000 feet as they attempt to make their way from Hurricane Ridge, Utah, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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