Follow four of National Geographic’s leading photographers as they explore and capture the world through their unique lens, sponsored by the all new BMW X3.

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Episode One

Anand Varma works to tell the story behind the science of everything from primate behavior and hummingbird biomechanics to amphibian disease and forest ecology. His groundbreaking photography has enabled him to portray complex science in original and compelling ways. In this episode, we go behind the lens with Varma as he attempts to capture the iconic shot of a honeybee emerging from a brood cell for the first time. This project marked a turning point in Varma’s career, allowing him to explore new frontiers to make the most macro of science, accessible to us all.

Episode Two

Pete Muller strives to create images and material that demand consideration for the lives of those depicted. His work focuses on culture and individuals and he aims to illustrate broader issues through individual stories. This January he is headed to Kempner, TX, where he’ll spend time with a family of three rodeo-riding brothers on their family ranch.

Episode Three

National Geographic explorer and photographer Trevor Frost is an avid wildlife conservationist. In this episode, he joins Grant and his avalanche rescue dog in Bozeman, Montana to portray the intelligence of animals.

Episode Four

Katie Orlinsky is a National Geographic photographer who has traveled around the world exploring everything from conflict and social issues to unique subcultures, wildlife and sports. Based in New York City, she takes us a short drive away from the bustling urban life to Rosemary Farms. At this horse sanctuary in upstate New York, she meets Nemo, a baby donkey with a prosthetic leg, and sets out to capture the touching story of his recovery.

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