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Biography: Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer, marine botanist, ecologist, and writer. A pioneering aquanaut and marine explorer, Earle made her first scuba dive at 17. She has since set the women’s depth record for solo diving (1,000 meters/3,281 feet) and logged more than 6,000 diving hours—feats that garnered her the moniker “Her Deepness.” The author of five books and numerous scientific and popular articles, Earle tirelessly calls for the preservation and exploration of the world’s marine ecosystems.

“If we have a hope of really understanding our place in nature and of carving out a place for ourselves that is sustainable, it’s primarily because of the new level of communication,” says Earle. “It used to be, ‘What you don’t have in your mind, you have on your shelf.’ But now we have the Web.”

Why These Are Favorites
Center for Marine Conservation
  “Check out the Ten Things We Can Do to Save Our Oceans.”

The Conservation Fund
  “I especially like the American Greenways and Sustainable Communities sections.”

Coral Reef Alliance
  “Very little is known about these systems, which are more diverse than rain forests.”

Diving Unlimited International
  “The Tips and Testimonials sections are informative and entertaining—even the humor is dry!”

Great American Fish Count
  “This site is for anyone interested in the state of coastal waters.”

Marine Conservation Biology Institute
  “Video of bottom-trawl fishing shows just how damaging this method is—like picking apples with a bulldozer!”

Natural Resources Defense Council
  “The NRDC site offers great information in their Bright Ideas on Energy section and has the latest news updates on critical environmental issues.”

Nuytco Research Ltd.
  “This site has lots of information on submersible vehicles and good links.”

Sea Web
  “I receive news and link into their info on marine issues daily—I devour it.”

Wyland World Headquarters
  “I like to check the Wyland site for the latest on his Whaling Walls and to see the progress of the Ocean Challenge education program.”


Find Out More About Sylvia Earle
Coral Reefs: Edens at Risk @ nationalgeographic.com
  Read the essay Sylvia Earle and Gale Mead wrote for the January 1999 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine online forum.

Monterey Bay @ nationalgeographic.com
  Take a virtual dive into Monterey Bay and learn more about the DeepWorker submersible Sylvia Earle and her colleagues are using to explore U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries.

Duke Magazine: “Dreams of the Deep”
  Read an excerpt from Sylvia Earle's 1995 book, Sea Change: A Message of the Oceans.

The Hall of Science and Exploration
  Sylvia Earle speaks at length about her life-long interest in the sea in this January 27, 1991, interview.

MSNBC: “High-tech, Deep Sea Research Begins”
  Learn more about the DeepWorker submersible Earle and her colleagues at the Sustainable Seas Expeditions project are using to explore and map little-known reaches of U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries.

National Public Radio: “Geographic Century: Sylvia Earle”
  Listen in to NPR reporter Alex Chadwick’s profile of Sylvia Earle.

Reefs at Risk—World Resources Institute
  Read an essay Sylvia Earle wrote on the threats to world coral reefs.

The San Jose Mercury News: “Seats of Influence”
  A 360-degree view of Sylvia Earle’s office accompanies this engaging interview.

Sustainable Seas Expeditions
  “This is what I’m most involved in and what has consumed most of my waking and sleeping hours,” says Earle.


Photograph by Al Giddings
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