Where does anthropologist
Johan Reinhard
surf the Web?

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  arrow Asian Diver Online
  arrow Expedition News
  arrow The Explorers Club
  arrow Inkspot: The Writer’s Resource
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Biography: Johan Reinhard, Anthropologist
You may know him as the mummy man whose Andes discoveries win headlines worldwide. But Johan Reinhard got his start planting telegraph poles in his native Midwest, on a line gang filled with Southerners. Then 16, Reinhard delighted in decoding “these strange men.” When he learned his hobby had a name—anthropology—he was off.

Exuberant athleticism and a ravenous intellect drove Reinhard across deserts, down unexplored rivers, and to Earth’s highest archaeological sites. Today his quest continues, both in the field and online. “Sometimes I even surf when exploring,” he says, “using my satellite phone.”

Why These Are Favorites
ArchNet News & Info
  “I like to see what’s been submitted recently.”

Asian Diver Online
  “I always think about going diving in Asia, but I never seem to do it.”

Expedition News
  “I check here to keep up with other expeditions.”

The Explorers Club
  “I like to see what other members are doing.”

Inkspot: The Writer’s Resource
  “At Inkspot I get tips and news on writing.”

The Kathmandu Post
  “This newspaper helps me keep tabs on the Himalayan region.”

The Library of Congress
  “I search here for books and materials. It’s the most comprehensive library anywhere.”

MAD Scientist Network
  “This one’s just for fun. They’ve got a lot of crazy science-related activities.”

Royal Ontario Museum
  “I often go to museum sites to see how they present collections and expeditions online, since I do a bit of that on my Web site. The Royal Ontario Museum site is one of the best.”


Find Out More About Johan Reinhard
Andes Expedition @ nationalgeographic.com
  Perform a virtual autopsy on the Inca ice maiden, or search Peruvian peaks with Reinhard via interactive maps.

Bookworm Corner @ nationalgeographic.com
  Preview Reinhard’s Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden, a kids book about his 1995 breakthrough.

“The Mummies of Peru” @ nationalgeographic.com
  Listen to Reinhard’s 1997 lecture at the National Geographic Society’s headquarters.

Three Inca Mummies Found on Volcano @ nationalgeographic.com
  Get the details on Reinhard’s historic 1999 discovery—plus exclusive photographs and video of the find.

Dr. Johan Reinhard’s Journeys
  Reinhard’s home page offers images from expeditions, links, classroom exercises, and more.

The New Explorers: “The Search for Shangri-La”
  In this PBS special, host Bill Kurtis and Reinhard search for the mystical kingdom hidden beyond the Himalaya.

NOVA: “Ice Mummies of the Inca”
  This PBS site chronicles Reinhard’s 1996 search for frozen mummies in Peru—complete with photographs and dispatches from the field.

Photograph by Jim Webb

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