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Biography: Will Steger, Polar Explorer
Will Steger holds many job titles—educator, writer, photographer, and lecturer. But polar explorer is perhaps his best known and hardest-won. Steger first reached the North Pole in 1986, leading a team of six by dogsled. He returned again in 1995, while crossing the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Ellesmere Island, Canada, with a team of five by dogsled and specially adapted canoes. Steger has also kayaked thousands of miles of northern rivers, including the Peace, MacKenzie, and Yukon. He often blazes new trails on the digital frontier, posting dispatches from his expeditions to millions over the Internet.
Why These Are Favorites
Arctic Circle
  “The University of Connecticut Library’s site is a great place to start learning about issues in the Arctic.”

Arctic Studies Center
  “The Smithsonian program is dedicated to the study of Arctic and subarctic peoples, cultures, and environments.”

The Aurora: Information and Images
  “Part of the magic of traveling on a cold Arctic night is seeing the aurora borealis in all its glory.”

The Aurora Page
  “My favorite images of the northern lights are ones viewed from space!”

Churchill Northern Studies Centre
  “This has a nice collection of information on the southern Arctic, especially as the region is a popular site for polar bears.”

North House Folk School
  “I like this type of hands-on teaching—it is a component missing in our education system.”

Polar Pointers
  “I love sites that direct you to lots of other good spots.”

Sea Ice
  “Traveling the Arctic Ocean, you appreciate the nuances of constantly shifting sea ice. Learning how to read it correctly keeps you alive.”


Find Out More About Will Steger
Solo from the Pole @ nationalgeographic.com
  In 1997 Will Steger planned a solo trek from the North Pole to Ellesmere Island, Canada. Treacherous conditions ultimately forced him to abandon his expedition and await rescue. Follow his odyssey through dispatches, audio files, and photos.

Outside: “Many, Many Souls on Ice”
  Read more about Will Steger’s planned North Pole expedition during the busy 1995 season.

Will Steger’s Wilderness Journals
  From January to May 1999, Will Steger wintered in a pole tent on an island in Canada’s Saganaga Lake. His essays and photographs document the experience.

Photograph by Kent Kobersteen

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