Waste Management prepared its first environmental report in 1992. This was well before we used the term "sustainability" and before we regularly reported on environmental, social, and governance principles. Waste Management developed its first set of sustainability goals in 2007. Today, stakeholders value our extensive and informative annual reporting, sharing the data that we collect each year to track our key performance indicators and our progress toward achieving our goals. The level of awareness around sustainability issues has increased. From climate-related storm events and the dialogue around the current challenges in the recycling industry to the topic of plastic waste in the environment, attention to the environment is increasing.

Environmentally, Waste Management believes a better world is one with cleaner air, cleaner streets, and cleaner cities. A better world is one where we've resolved the complex issues tied to recycling. We recycle plastic domestically, and we support the development of domestic recycling markets. In a better world, the entire supply chain will use recycled materials. Consumers will request products made with post-consumer content, helping ensure demand.

While sustainability may be the right thing to do for business, it is the only thing to do for our planet.


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