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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Make Our Cities Wild
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National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dan Raven-Ellison is on a mission to show why sustainable cities need wild spaces as well as smart technology. Dan has now walked across all of the UK’s 69 cities and 15 national parks. Dan was looking at new ways in which technology can improve our quality of life while sensors recorded his brain activity and collected data to help illustrate how landscape influences our mood, health, and happiness.

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Inside the Mind of
Daniel Raven-Ellison

Dan is on a mission to shake up our perception of urban living by making London the world’s first National Park City. With 8.3 million trees, 13,000 species of wildlife, and 47% of the land given over to green, Dan believes Londoners can make much more of these wild open spaces.

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Cisco is sponsoring National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dan Raven-Ellison on his quest to prove the value and importance of our cities’ open spaces. Far from being irrelevant to high-tech urbanisation, these green areas compliment smart technology to make our cities as sustainable as they need to be—and as liveable as we want them to be.

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