John Burcham

"I want to be challenged, and I'm not afraid of a little manual labor," says Arizona-based photographer John Burcham. In Burcham's photographic niche, he often gets his wish. Whether it is schlepping in the Arctic's subzero temperatures or fleshing out the photographic details in the midst of grinding chainsaws and falling trees, Burcham meshes a photojournalist sense of story with a studio photographer’s obsession for detail.

Burcham's photography career started at his college newspaper while he was earning his degree in architecture from Virginia Tech. His passion for adventure sports led him to a successful photographic career in the outdoor industry. Companies such as Patagonia and Mountain Hardware have sent him to the most inhospitable and seldom visited landscapes to capture moments in exploration and adventure.

Many major clients, including National Geographic, the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, the History Channel, and American Airlines have used him for assignment work.

John lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his wife, Bernadette, and daughter.