April Fulton

I write and edit The Plate, National Geographic’s food blog, where we tell stories about how food impacts our environment, our health, and our culture.

I came to food in a roundabout way. I did not grow up eating delicious gourmet meals. But my college roommate taught me if you could cook, boys would visit. That's about all it took for me to start learning my saté from my sauté.

Then I got serious. I covered the Food and Drug Administration in the 1990s, delving into drug regulation and food labeling laws. Next, I went to Capitol Hill to cover Congress and health policy.

Then I joined NPR, where I wrote and edited health stories for radio before launching the award-winning food blog, The Salt, in 2011.

A lot of my free time is spent cooking or immersed in cookbooks and food novels, searching for what shapes our tastes, how they change, and how food gets to the table.

I also enjoy a good glass of wine.

Please enjoy The Plate. Follow us @NatGeoFood and me @fultonhere.