Becky Hale

Becky Hale is a studio photographer on staff with National Geographic magazine in Washington, D.C.

Her work ranges from portraiture, to still photography illustrating complex scientific and cultural stories. Her images have appeared alongside articles about the future of edible kelp, how redheads experience pain, and advances in organ regeneration. She is a regular contributor to National Geographic magazine and her work has been featured on multiple covers.

Fieldwork has taken her on assignment around the world and she’s had to recreate her studio in the middle of cornfields and anatomy labs. She’s shot aerials of the whooping crane migration from an ultralight, driven thru Idaho documenting the stakeholders affected by the reintroduction of wolves, and shot portraits inside a cold storage locker at a morgue.

In her life beyond National Geographic, she lives in Washington D.C. with her husband, and is the mother of two small redheads who try their best to evade her camera.