Maurice Hornocker

Maurice Hornocker is a wildlife biologist best known for his research on the world's big cats.

In his 35-year career, he and his colleagues have conducted pioneering research on cougars, lynxes, bobcats, and ocelots in North America; leopards in Africa and East Asia; jaguars in Central and South America; and tigers in India and Siberia. Hornocker has also researched other carnivores in North America, including bears, wolverines, river otters, and badgers.

Throughout his career, Hornocker photographed the wildlife he studied, using those photographs as educational tools in the cause of conservation. His photographs of wildlife have been published throughout the world in many different publications and books.

Hornocker has published over a hundred scientific papers and articles relaying his scientific findings. He has also made several documentary films of his work and has published books on several of his research projects.

Hornocker is director of the Hornocker Wildlife Institute, a nonprofit research and education foundation he founded in 1985.

He lives with his wife, Leslie, and their horses and dogs on a small farm near Sun Valley, Idaho.