Nora Lorek

Photographer Nora Lorek is a contributor to National Geographic who focuses on migration, culture, and human rights. Born in Germany, she has lived in Gothenburg, Sweden, since 2005.

In recent years she has been focusing on projects in refugee camps and informal settlements, accompanying refugees and migrants on their way across the borders of Europe and Eastern Africa, and showing the solidarity of those in need of protection. In 2016 Lorek was the first Swede to win the College Photographer of the Year award, which led her to National Geographic and a three-year project in Bidibidi, Uganda, one of the world’s largest refugee camps.

Lorek is the co-founder of the Milaya Project, a nonprofit that started as an assignment for National Geographic and now connects South Sudanese women in Bidibidi refugee camp with customers who want to support their traditional art form.