Michael S. Lewis

Michael S. Lewis was reared near the Mississippi River in northeast Missouri. His respectful, honest approach to people and landscapes are the products of a small-town Midwest childhood. After college, he worked for newspapers and television news in Georgia and Florida.

Moving to Colorado in 1986 to begin a freelance career, Lewis concentrated on photographing farmers and ranchers for his first book, Colorado’s Centennial Farms & Ranches.

He started shooting for National Geographic in 1995, photographing several assignments in the Rocky Mountains and Canada. His work on the National Geographic book Africa took him to eight geographic regions on that continent to photograph the people and their environment.

Lewis’s work has appeared in National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, Time, Smithsonian, Saveur, Sunset and numerous international publications. He has also contributed to the Day in the Life series of books.

He lives in the mountains of Colorado, where he continues to work on stories about rivers, the land, and its people.