Michael Quinton

When Michael Quinton got his first check from his first paying job, he bought a 35mm camera with a 400mm lens.

Influenced by early issues of National Geographic magazine, Quinton made his first photo subjects the small birds around his parents' home in eastern Idaho.

A self-taught photographer who describes himself as a "naturalist," Quinton considers photography the vehicle by which he can indulge his interest in the natural world.

When Quinton was 24 he moved to Island Park, Idaho, just west of Yellowstone National Park, to be close to the wilderness. When he began to feel the need for more elbow room than even Yellowstone could offer, he packed up his family and moved to the great northern wilderness of Alaska.

Quinton's photographs have appeared in National Geographic magazine and many other publications and are featured in books such as Ghost of the Forest, The Great Gray Owl, The Uncommon Loon, and Island of Life: Wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.