Scott Sroka

Scott Sroka was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has a B.A. in cinematography from the University of South Florida. He has been creating images for more than 30 years in locations from Florida to Alaska, the southwest United States, and along Route 66.

Sroka has worked as a staff member in National Geographic's Image Collection and has produced photographs for numerous National Geographic educational products on subjects such as firefighting, police, the post office, television, newspapers, hospitals, and the environment.

Sroka also photographed the children's book Firefighting: Behind the Scenes, published by Houghton Mifflin, and his work has been used by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society for calendars and postcards. Much of his work is done as stereo photography.

The Sroka family adopted Henry, a blue-and-gold macaw, who for 28 years was a fixture in Explorers Hall at National Geographic's Washington, D.C., headquarters. They cared for him for 15 years.