Tino Soriano

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Tino Soriano divides his work between photojournalism and travel photography.

He has been honored with numerous national and international awards from groups such as World Press Photo, UNESCO, and FotoPres, among others. In 2004 Mexican President Vicente Fox personally handed Soriano the trophy for the Lente de Plata award, which is given to the best story on Mexico published throughout the world.

Soriano is the author of the books Travel Photography, Dalí, 1903-2003, The Other Barcelona, Banyoles, and The Future Exists, and he has also participated in projects such as Hospital de Bellvitge 25 anys, Discover Spain, Images of Catalonia, and World's Great Train Journeys, the last three published by the National Geographic Society. In 2003, he wrote and illustrated the book Heartbeats in a Hospital, the result of ten years of work photographing the everyday life of Spanish health professionals. He has recently published the books Connected to Life, Verges, the Procession, Catalans, and the National Geographic Traveler Guidebooks Sicily, Madrid, Portugal, and Naples and Southern Italy.

Soriano's career had spanned many fields and experiences. Since 1978, he has regularly lectured and taught workshops at many universities in Spain. His work has appeared in National Geographic magazine, GEO, Merian, Der Spiegel, Los Angeles Times, Smithsonian magazine, Paris Match, Jano, La Repubblica, La Vanguardia, and El País Seminal, as well as in many other publications.

His first solo exhibition, "The Future Existeix," was held at the Palau Robert in Barcelona in April 1992 and is still running throughout Spain. The same images were projected at the International Photojournalism Festival of Perpignan the same year. In 2001, Soriano had an exhibition in VISA with the story "La Zafra, Voodoo and Slavery in the Twenty-First Century," honored by UNESCO.

Other important exhibitions were "Costa Brava Magic," "Barcelona," "Radiography of a Hospital," "Doctors Without Borders: The Adventure of Igara UKA Ship," "Banyoles," "The Art of Medicine," "Peruvian Amazon," "Haiti" (National Museum of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti), and "La Zafra" (Sugar Cane Harvest), which was exhibited in Antilles and Belgium.

In 2006, Soriano's work was exhibited at the Second Biennial Xavier Miserachs. He has presented "The Limits of Europe" in Bellvitge Art Gallery in 2007; "Ten Years With National Geographic" at Palau Robert in Barcelona and the Blanquerna gallery in Madrid in 2008; and "Southern Italy" (Festimage'08 Calella), "The Battle Against Cancer" (Institut Català d'Oncologia), and "Air Your Hopes" in Madrid and the rest of Spain. In June 2009, he created a new exhibition, "The Kardelen Project," featuring pictures from an assignment in Turkey with the National Geographic Channel.

Soriano has traveled to several countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe for work. For National Geographic magazine and La Vanguardia, he covered daily life in the last 12 countries that joined the European Union in 2004. He also is the author of an illustrated guide to South Africa and the abovementioned travel guides on Sicily, Portugal, the south of Italy, and Madrid.