Pablo Corral Vega

Born in 1966, Ecuadorian photojournalist Pablo Corral Vega has published his work in National Geographic magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Audubon, GEO, and other international publications.

In 1994 Corral Vega directed the Discovering Ecuador project, a gathering of 38 top international photojournalists from 11 countries. The University of Missouri-Columbia and Imprenta Mariscal in Ecuador later published their photographic documentation.

Corral Vega is also the founder of the Harmonia Terra Foundation, a nonprofit organization that publishes books on Latin American geography and the conservation of nature and culture.

Praised for his journalistic and cultural knowledge of Latin American subjects, Corral Vega is the author of several photographic books, including Bare Earth: A Pictorial Book on Ecuador, Andes of Ecuador: Silent Landscapes, and Ecuador: From Magic to Horror. Inspired by Corral Vega's photographs, award-winning author Mario Vargas Llosa wrote 20 short stories for the National Geographic book, Andes.

Corral Vega has exhibited his photos in Ecuador, Japan, Spain, and the United States as well as at France's Visa Pour L'Image, the world's largest photojournalism festival.

Corral Vega holds a Ph.D. in law and political science from Ecuador's Catholic University of Quito. He currently lives in Quito.