Jed Winer

Jed Winer produces, writes, and edits videos for National Geographic’s 101 video series and he wants you to know these five cool facts about cheetahs.

Jed graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a self-designed major (BDIC) in "Animal & Environmental Multimedia Production," stating in his proposal that he wanted to work for National Geographic.

Jed got his start at Nat Geo in 2011 as a TV production intern for Explorer and Untamed Americas. He later helped create content for the Nat Geo Kids website before moving to the ever-changing world of digital video.

His most memorable video assignments have included being inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during the opening of Jesus’s tomb, hiking with scientists to cover climate change at Glacier National Park, and getting bear-hugged by a giant panda cub while filming at Smithsonian's National Zoo.

When he’s not making videos, Jed enjoys photography, volunteering with animals, downhill skiing, baking vegan desserts, and visiting his niece and nephew in Seattle.