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Mehdi Bakhtiari
Lead Engineer
Mehdi BakhtiariMehdi Bakhtiari is the man behind the machine. Since 1996 he has helped transform Greg Marshall's original invention into a widely used and indispensable research tool for biologists.

Mehdi heads up National Geographic's Remote Imaging laboratory, where the Crittercams are designed, built, tested, and maintained. His keen sense of mechanical integration has been crucial in finding solutions to problems such as how to deploy and keep Crittercam on a whale or how to release a unit from a wild lion.

Mehdi also takes Crittercam into the field, pursuing research projects on walruses and narwhals in the Arctic, sperm whales in the Azores, blue whales in the Pacific, and lions and hyenas in Kenya.

Mehdi earned his master's degree in electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University. He lives in Vienna, Virginia, with his wife, Ioanna, and their daughter, Katerina.

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