Photograph by Ebrahim Al-Sinan for National Geographic
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An old women preparing her cooking ingredients on Moe Klong River floating market, Damnoen Saduak, Thailand
Photograph by Ebrahim Al-Sinan for National Geographic

Your Shot: The Global Kitchen Gallery

All last week, we talked about saving the soil, honoring the farmer, and finding innovative ways to get food to the hungry for World Food Day on Friday.

Today, we’re making it a little more personal, focusing on the everyday cooks who feed us creatively and the spaces in which they work.

Cooking is what makes us human, and the kitchen is the heart of the home, no matter the home, and it’s constantly evolving. Skillful cooking may help people to eat more healthfully, according to a recent study in the journal Appetite, among many others, but learning to cook has taken a backseat to many other family activities, aided by the rise of convenience foods.

Still, every day, amazing meals come out of surprisingly cramped quarters. Some cooks deal with smoke, fire, and live chickens outdoors to feed their families, others call for servants or enlist family members to help chop vegetables, still others prepare vast pots of stew for needy strangers every day.
We’ve gathered together some of the photos you’ve sent us of the world’s kitchens that highlight various culinary traditions and the natural intimacy of feeding people from our Your Shot community.

(This gallery first ran in 2014. The captions were written by Linda Qiu and the photo gallery was gathered by Becky Harlan.)