Photograph by Julia Cumes, National Geographic Your Shot
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Cranberry grower Ray Thacher harvests cranberries after flooding a bog in Brewster, Mass.
Photograph by Julia Cumes, National Geographic Your Shot

Thanksgiving Dinner, From Bog to Table

It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S., which means home cooks are hitting the grocery, digging out beloved family recipe cards, or brainstorming new twists on classic dishes (chai-spiced sweet potatoes, anyone?).

But in the pre-holiday rush to pick the perfect turkey and gather up the green beans (and perhaps a can of cream-of-mushroom soup), it’s easy to forget that each ingredient was sown and grown, and perhaps even picked by hand. Those cranberries were scooped out of a bog before they made it into that perforated plastic bag, and those glorious pecans, soon to grace your pie, were once nestled inside a beautiful pale-green shell.

This week, we’re giving thanks for the food we’re fortunate to enjoy, and to the thousands of people who bring the building blocks of every meal we eat from the field to our dining rooms. So before you fret over the gravy or join your loved ones around the table (or the football game, as the case may be), we’re sharing a gallery of photos from the field, bog, and orchard, courtesy of our Your Shot community. Enjoy!