Your (Espresso) Shot: Time for a Coffee Break!

Millions of people insist they can’t start the day without a jolt from coffee, one of the world’s most beloved caffeinated beverages. But walk into a coffee house at any hour, almost anywhere in the world, and it’s clear that people enjoy their filter coffee, espressos, lattes, and cafe con leches at any—and every—time of day.

With billions of of tea drinkers in Asia, a cuppa remains the world’s most consumed beverage. But with coffee consumption on the rise in traditionally tea-centric China, the darker brew is gaining ground. 

Almost all the coffee we drink comes from two varieties of beans—arabica and robusta. And the coffee beans that are the basis of the drink actually aren’t beans at all. They’re seeds nestled inside the coffee cherry, a fruit that looks much like a cranberry when ripe.

Coffee bushes of both types grow best in tropical countries, and require just the right mix of sunlight, rainfall, and cool and steady temperatures. (The recipe for healthy coffee plants, particularly arabica, is so specific that climate change may soon threaten production in many coffee-growing regions. You can read more about coffee and climate change here and here).

If all this coffee talk has you craving a pick-me-up, get out your grinder and take a look at some of our favorite coffee photos from our Your Shot community.