Photograph by Alex Lupu
Photograph by Alex Lupu
The Plate

Spring Is Sprouting—Get the Table Ready!

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s getting easier to believe that spring is within reach.

To be fair, many of us have little excuse for winter fatigue, given how late the cold rolled in during the warmest year on record. All the same, even brief bouts of frigid temperatures (and the accompanying frenzy at the supermarket) can get old real fast.

After trudging through icy streets, just the hint of crocuses peeking out of the earth is enough to put a spring in your step, even if you can still see your breath suspended in the morning air. And for consumers who make a point of eating locally grown food, the first signs of spring carry the promise of seasons of bountiful produce ahead.

While shoppers are dreaming of asparagus, watermelon radishes, and rhubarb, produce farmers and hobby gardeners are hard at work, selecting seeds, tilling fields to aerate the soil, pruning fruit trees, sowing seeds, and keeping a close eye out for late freezes that could jeopardize the season’s first shoots.

And as for shoots, we’ve selected some of our favorite photos from our Your Shot community of those first signs of spring. Take a look through this week’s gallery and start thinking about the bounty that will soon grace your table. But don’t get too carried away … it will be a while yet before you can tackle a blueberry pie.