Photograph by Meg Kumin, National Geographic Your Shot
Photograph by Meg Kumin, National Geographic Your Shot
The Plate

A Shout Out to Pie for Pi Day

I don’t know who first thought Pi Day, a day to celebrate the world’s most famous number (3.14159265359…) should also be a day to discuss the edible pie, but I want to thank her. There are many similarities between the pi and pie, besides the name. Pi can be complicated and intimidating; so can pie. Both rely heavily on an understanding of math and geometry, and both can actually help you understand something about the world if you take a little time to study them. Both are the subject of myth.

But only one is truly delicious. (There is a longstanding debate here at National Geographic about pie v. cake. And the cake people are wrong.)

Now, pie was probably not always delicious. It used to be called a coffin and was made of any scraps of meat someone could push into a bit of bread (or worse, shoved into something inedible like reeds or leaves) that would fit in your hand. Fortunately it has evolved over the years to include fruit and vegetables with various kinds of crusts, and comes in different sizes and both sweet and savory flavors.

Gluten-free or lard-laced, cherry or kidney, bring on the pie—and enjoy some of the best pie pictures from our Your Shot community in this gallery.