Mathieu Paley, National Geographic
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Unripe shaved plantain is boiled with salt and a piece of meat from a collared peccary, a piglike animal found in the Bolivian rainforest.
Mathieu Paley, National Geographic

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Dear fans of The Plate,

We are thrilled to announce that The Plate has a clean, new look. Expanded white space makes the text more readable, and our amazing food photos from around the world leap right off the page, and maybe, right onto your dinner plates.

We will still bring you the amazing stories of how food shapes us and our environment, how people connect through meals, explore global cultures, and dig into the impact our diets have on our health and the rest of the world. But now, our content is better integrated and more visible within National Geographic’s main site.

For a little while, our archive will still live here, but if you want more on fixing food waste, the history of your favorite fruit, and our takes on controversial topics like GMOs, set your browser bookmarks to the new site to zoom into the future of food with us.

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