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Live Chat: Scotland’s Chief Scientific Adviser Anne Glover, on Why She Wants to Give You $16 Million

The Scotland government has just started the prize period for a renewable energy competition, the Saltire Prize, which will reward a team of innovators with more than $16 million if they can demonstrate a commercially viable wave or tidal stream energy technology that can provide 100 GWh of energy over a continuous two-year period, just from the power of the sea—in Scottish waters. Over the next five years, teams from across the world will be optimizing their devises to win the prize and help the country tap the energy of the turbulent waters that surround its shores.

Today, we will get the chance to talk to Scotland’s Chief Scientific Adviser and chair of the Saltire Prize Challenge Committee, Anne Glover, a pioneer whose career was launched when she successfully genetically engineered microorganisms to make them environmental biosensors, and who is dedicated to making science a part of popular culture.

She will answer your questions about the prize, tidal power and science on this blog on Thursday, 12:30 pm EST. Stay tuned!