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Solar Power Puts a Little Green in Kleenex

If you look closely, that box of Kleenex just got a slight touch of green. Prologis and Southern California Edison recently partnered with Kimberly-Clark, owner of global brands including Kleenex, Scott and Huggies, to install one of the country’s largest single rooftop solar arrays on Kimberly-Clark’s distribution center in Redlands, Calif.

The 350,000-square-foot installation expanded a 100-kilowatt rooftop array to a 4.9-megawatt array that will produce up to 6.6 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year — enough to power 925 Southern California homes for one year. This solar energy produced will offset the equivalent of 4,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Since 2008, industrial real estate owner Prologis and Southern California Edison have partnered on projects that produce more than 50 megawatts of solar throughout California.

While Prologis owns the building and managed construction of the solar installation, Southern California Edison, who designed and financed the array, will own the installation and use the power to serve local customers. Kimberly-Clark, as the building’s sole tenant, will use energy from the original 100-kilowatt array to power their distribution center.

— Angeli Duffin

This post originally appeared at EarthTechling and has been republished with permission.