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Tune In on Tuesday: Energy Innovations Conference

Next Tuesday, the Great Energy Challenge Blog will be live streaming a conference from the George Washington University that will feature innovations in energy, climate and sustainability.

Top thought-leaders from government, academia and industry will participate in GW Moving the Planet Forward, a symposium that will find and highlight solutions to the challenges of a changing planet by showcasing examples of innovation turned into action. The live stream will also be accompanied by a live chat, where you can pose your questions to big-city mayors, business leaders, and influential policy makers.

Throughout the afternoon, conference participants will draw on current experiences as they look to the future to discuss a range of important topics such as the next frontier for data management, clean technology, the strength of green jobs and renewable energy. Mayors from Washington D.C., Huntsville, Ala., and Cincinnati, Ohio, will also discuss American cities as clean tech incubators.

Check out the agenda and speakers here.
Check out the agenda and speakers here.

Tune in to this blog on Tuesday to watch the event live and ask your questions!