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Warsaw: Hussar Charge for Fuel Economy

Students from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland conduct some final technical tests on their vehicle at Shell Eco-marathon 2012 in Rotterdam. Cars in the fuel efficiency race need to pass a battery of safety tests, including on the fueling and exhaust systems, the braking and steering, and the solidity of the chassis. The gasoline is colored blue and is stored in clear glass containers so that it can be easily measured, down to the milliliter.

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One of four teams in the competition from Poland, Warsaw University’s SIMR Team has named this car Hussar, after the legendary Polish cavalry that gained a reputation of invincibility for its victories on numerous battlefields from the 16th through the 18th centuries. The cavalry charge in this race is for fuel economy, and in last year’s competition Hussar achieved 320 kilometers per liter (753 miles per gallon.) Below, drivers Koniczu Polozynska  (left) and Agata Marta pose in front of the vehicle. “We cannot wait to start and set a new record,” says Marta.