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At Eco-marathon Europe, Testing Commences

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DTU Roadrunners Dynamo 9.0 at the Shell Eco Marathon track during testing. (Photograph by Mad Anders Jensen)

The first official test sessions has now been completed, and DTU Roadrunners have used the opportunity to thoroughly test the car under racing conditions. (See previous post: DTU Roadrunners 2013: Focusing On Evolution Instead of Revolution)

The test session was carried out in poor weather with a wet track and a fair drizzle. The practice sessios was therefore primarily used to test the setup of the car and to allow our driver to familiarize herself with both the car and the track. The practice session allowed the team to make a total of three practice runs within the allotted practice time, and the test runs revealed that the car was working close to the team’s expectations.

During one of the practice runs, the car returned to the pits with a fuel consumption equivalent to 567 km/l, which is fairly close to the record set by the team last year. The car will now be fine-tuned in order to optimize it for its next test session tomorrow, and hopefully return an even better result. We are hoping that the weather for tomorrow’s test session will improve compared to today’s weather. If this is the case, the team can properly test different fuel-air mixtures to determine the most optimal solution for the car before the race itself. So it’s all-out fine-tuning for now…