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Louisiana Tech Mixes Street Legal With Efficiency

Louisiana Tech University has been a perennial winner at Shell Eco-marathon Americas, with an emphasis on slipping aerodynamic features into sleekly designed cars that look like they could be driving the roads today. “They want a car that looks like a car,” explained Heath Tims, associate professor of mechanical engineering and team coach. “They want people to say, ‘If that was 25 percent bigger, I’d buy that car.’”

A few weeks ago, the team blogged on the story of building their “XX” vehicle: All-Nighters with “XX,” Our Tribute to a Beloved Mascot.

In this video, sophomore mechanical engineering student Nathanial Pruven tells a little bit more about the car, including its Lamborghini-style doors.

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Louisiana Tech University’s XX car on the track at Shell Eco-marathon Americas today in downtown Houston. Photo courtesy of Shell Eco-marathon.