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Purdue’s ‘Cinderella Story’ at the Race

This being my first year attending Shell Eco-marathon, I didn’t expect anything more than what my club members had told me. A hectic schedule, few hours of sleep, and sunshine filled days was all I expected. What ensued encompassed my expectations and then continued far beyond when our story turned into what a neighboring team called “A Cinderella Story.” The stress of last-minute fixes and the fearful possibility that we may not register in time brought out a collaborative teamwork amongst us which made us appreciate each other in a new light. Winning on our last and only qualifying run gave me a memory and sense of pride that I will hold for years to come. However grand that feat was, it is not the moment that will stay with me when I think of my experience at the race. (See related post:
A Movie-Like Ending at Eco-marathon.”)

What I will remember are the teams who took a curious interest into what we had poured our lives into for the past two years. I will remember the friends our team made with others as we learned about the different angles of engineering we each had chosen, the generosity of those teams who had given up a member to help a competing team, and I will remember the kindness of those who were surrounded by what they loved. Building cars and racing them in a true, well matched competition. Shell Eco-marathon brought about sportsmanship as I had not seen on a field or court for many years. On behalf of Purdue Solar Racing, I would like to extend my humblest gratitude to all those teams we met, especially to Saint Thomas Academy. It was an honor to meet and compete against you and I, along with PSR, look forward to a rivalry competition for years to come. It was a weekend I will never forget.