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Universidad Ceu Cardenal Herrera Takes Inspiration From Nature

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IDEA CEU Team’s electric vehicle on the track. Photo courtesy of Shell Eco-marathon.

Dana and Lorena Ruisi of Universidad Cardenal Herrera’s Idea Ceu Team from Spain explain that their team took inspiration from nature for the shape of their car entered in Shell Eco-marathon Europe. Their vehicle is shaped like a rain drop. They believe falling rain is one of nature’s most efficient means of movement, and they  believe it will prove to be a very natural and efficient method of moving their electric and solar-powered car around the track. After early runs, their vehicle was in second place in its category, with 604.36 kilometers (375.54 miles) per kilowatt-hour, the energy equivalent of 12,655.7 miles per gallon (5380.5 km/l.)

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Dana and Lorena with Universidad Ceu Cardenal Herrera’s raindrop-shaped vehicle. Photo by Steve Hammond.