Exploring the benefits of moving towards electrification.
Photograph by Harry Woulds


Audi’s commercial objective was to successfully launch the new electric ‘e-tron’ globally (five key priority markets) and drive sales. Audi approached National Geographic as a thought leader in sustainability to partner with them to raise awareness of Audi as an automotive leader in sustainable thinking to support the launch efforts.

Photograph by Harry Woulds


National Geographic explorer and nuclear engineer, Dr Leslie Dewan, was tasked with exploring how using renewable electricity is helping to bring the world back into balance. Featuring remarkable projects in Norway, Belguim, Netherlands, Austria, and Canada, NG shot five hero videos that accompany articles, infographics, and photo galleries on a dedicated content hub titled Electric Earth. Heavy social amplification through Instagram stories and social media posts drove visitors to the content hub.

To extend the reach of the campaign, content rights were licensed for use in Audi dealerships and on Audi’s owned & operated content platforms.

Photograph by Harry Woulds


The campaign delivered more than 3M video views and drove 19% above average CTR. 560K unique visitors engaged with the content on the dedicated content HQ.

Photograph Courtesy of Rentel Wind Farm


Photograph by National Geographic