Deepening awareness for New Zealand beyond adventure experiences and driving visitor consideration.
Photograph by Erika Larsen
New Zealand, Portraits


Millions put New Zealand on their “bucket-list” but a new approach was needed to convince prospects to make it their next travel destination. Research indicated that while people visited for the landscapes it was the interaction with locals that made their holiday extraordinary and built a strong bond with the country long after they had returned home. Creative that could build a stronger emotional connection with travelers before they visit would likely drive deeper consideration for New Zealand as their next trip.

Photograph by Erika Larsen
New Zealand, Kaikoura


National Geographic sent a photographer, writer and illustrator to New Zealand on an unforgettable journey. Captured in an unscripted, documentary style, genuine and warm conversations with artisans, cultural leaders, and guides are seen and felt in four hero videos. Vignettes, digital ad sets, and real-time reflections on social media added to the depth of the campaign with as a hub for all the content. Mindset, interest and geo-targeted messaging further down the funnel was used to encourage planning and booking post inspiration.

Photograph by Erika Larsen
New Zealand, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty


Dreamers became bookers! TNZ research showed the number of independent professionals ready to book their trip increased significantly by 132% in USA and by 58% in UK.

Media results on exceeded targets for engagement rates and video completion rates.

The Bay of Plenty region featured in the campaign outgrew other regions for tourism expenditure increasing 13% Y/Y in the month post campaign versus country average of 2%.

Photograph by Erika Larsen

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Illustration by Christoph Niemann