What we carry: Telling the story behind the products.
Photograph by Ziga Kranjc


As more consumers think harder about the provenance of the products they buy, Prada have re-imagined and reinvented how they create their products. They are using an environmentally friendly fiber; EcoNyl, made from recycled fishing nets, industrial plastic waste and old carpets.

Prada came to National Geographic for our credible voice and expertise in human-interest content, collaborating with us to share the story behind the relaunch of their iconic Nylon Collection.

Photograph by National Geographic


To showcase the cutting-edge processes behind the Re-Nylon initiative, National Geographic told the story of where the component parts of Econyl come from and the real human stories behind them. “What We Carry” represented the collective responsibility we all share to understand the stories behind the products in our lives.

The National Geographic CreativeWorks team shot five hero (2-3 min) videos across five continents; Arizona, Cameroon, New Zealand, China and Slovenia. The videos featured a collaboration between an NG explorer and a high-profile, eco-conscious Prada ambassador. The content was edited for the global NG audience as ten articles and five galleries, showcased on a dedicated hub. Organic Instagram stories promoted the content.

Photograph by National Geographic


With 2.7M video views in just 5 months, site visits saw 35% higher dwell time than the average across the same period of time & markets. Engagement on Facebook was also above average at 97% higher than industry average. 

Photograph by National Geographic


Photograph by National Geographic