Photos Capture the Unexpected Beauty of the Daily Commute

Nat Geo’s Your Shot community reveals a colorful view of urban transportation networks.

Transit networks keep our cities humming. They’re incredibly complex, and often we only notice them when they’re failing. As our cities expand, transportation networks will adapt with them, to cover more ground and carry more people. Transit stations are being reimagined too; commuters encounter unexpected art spaces, libraries, gardens, and smartphone charging stations. The future of urban transport looks to be more green—many cities are replacing gas-guzzling vehicles with electric buses and cars with bike-sharing networks—and may see a touch of science fiction made real, with advances like Jetsons-style flying cars and the Hyperloop potentially around the corner.

On National Geographic’s Your Shot community, we asked members to show us how they get around their cities. The assignment drew more than 3,000 image submissions. Photographers responded to the hashtag #urbantransit with a range of modes, from ferries and bikes to gondolas, rickshaws, and footprints in snow—and even a tongue-in-cheek bumper car.

To participate in a future assignment, check out Your Shot, where you can share photos and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

This article is part of our Urban Expeditions series, an initiative made possible by a grant from United Technologies to the National Geographic Society.