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In high-altitude adventure, solo balloonist Steve Fossett broke two world records in his bid for the first nonstop balloon trip around the world.
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Just back on U.S. soil, Steve Fossett is ready to recount the thrills—and hardships—of the record-breaking balloon flight that took him halfway around the world, through subzero temperatures, up 26,300 feet (8,016 meters), and down to an emergency landing in India.

Fossett was attempting the first nonstop balloon trip around the world. En route he broke two world records for all classes of balloons: for distance by traveling about 10,000 miles (16,093 kilometers), and for time by spending about six days and eight hours aloft.

Accompanied at National Geographic by project manager Timothy “Bo” Kemper and other members of his team, Fossett will explain how he survived this high-altitude adventure and why someone would undertake it in the first place.

Long supported by National Geographic, which has published 31 articles on successful and doomed balloon flights in its 109-year history, Fossett will write his exclusive first-person account for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

January 27, 1997
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