Optional Extensions

Optional Extensions

  • Easter Island Extension
    4 days from $4,680
  • Chilean Wine Country Extension
    2 days from $2,850
  • Iguazú Falls Extension
    3 days from $3,050
Easter Island Extension

Located more than 1,000 miles from its nearest neighbor, Easter Island is one of the most remote inhabited islands on the planet. Spend several days uncovering the secrets of the isle’s mysterious history as you stand face-to-face with iconic moai statues and explore the legacy of ancient seafarers in this long-pondered enigma of the Polynesian world.

Important Note:

Flights to Easter Island are extremely limited due to airline schedules that service Easter Island and Santiago and will affect the length of your extension, making it either a 4 or 5 day experience. We recommend speaking with an Expedition Cruise Specialist in order to purchase appropriate flights immediately after booking.

The prices listed on the website are for the 4-day Easter Island extension. Departures with the 5-day extension will include an extra night in Buenos Aires (Explorer), or Santiago (Orion) and will cost an additional $530 (Explorer) or $830 (Orion).

Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina/Santiago, Chile

Disembark the National Geographic Explorer in Ushuaia and fly to Santiago, where we check into our hotel.

Meals Included:Breakfast, Lunch
Day 2: Santiago/Easter Island

This morning, depart for Easter Island. Native tradition holds that the island settlement was founded over a thousand years ago by a Polynesian chief named Hotu Matuʻa. While many of the famous moai statues have been toppled or destroyed over the centuries, most have since been restored to their original positions; we’ll visit several statue sites and explore the symbolism of each during our stay.

Meals Included:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Days 3-4: Easter Island

Spend the next two days discovering astounding moai monuments across the island. Explore the ceremonial complex of Tahai, an archaeological site comprised of three ahu, or shrines, each presided over by giant moai. Stroll between restored stone and sod buildings at Orongo, a ceremonial village situated on the rim of the Rano Kau volcanic crater. At Ahu Te Pito Kura, marvel at the fallen form of the enormous Paro moai, considered the largest moai statue to be transported from the Rano Raraku volcano quarry. Visit the quarry to see where many of these giant statues were carved. Gaze up at towering the moai of Ahu Akivi and Ahu Tongariki—the largest ceremonial altar on Easter Island.

Meals Included:Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Daily
Day 5: Easter Island/Santiago

Spend a final morning exploring Easter Island before catching a flight to Santiago. From here, connect with your flight home.

Meals Included:Breakfast, Lunch