Andy Bardon

Photographer, Adventurer

Photographer, climber, and free diver Andy Bardon has traveled to some of the most remote regions on earth to document human interactions with the natural world. From the slopes of Mount Everest and the walls of Yosemite’s El Capitan to the clear blue waters of French Polynesia, Andy is driven by a passion to help people see the beauty in wild places, and ultimately, protect them. His work for National Geographic has included documenting an 85-day climbing expedition on Mount Everest with some of the world’s finest climbers and scientists, as well as a story about the pearl farming industry in French Polynesia that sought to gain a better understanding of its environmental impacts and sustainability. He was also selected by National Geographic to climb, ski, and help scientists measure the rate of glacial change in the highest mountains in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge of northeastern Alaska. Andy has won numerous industry awards, and has an active career as a photographer and director in the world of commercial advertising, often utilizing his outdoor skillset with clients such as Patagonia, Redbull, and The North Face. His work has been featured in scientific studies with prestigious organizations such as the Mayo Clinic and the Waitt Foundation, and he is currently represented by the National Geographic Image Collection.